Legacy Project Launches Engaging, Mobile, Interactive, Online Experience

Read, comment and share articles and video posts from the Legacy Team and The Mindful Californian, a weekly feature by news journalist Chris Bowman and graduate intern Shahla Farzan. Explore our Working Together page to see how Californians are connecting with nature to make a real difference. Get Involved – submit a story of your “One True Place” in California.

Working with an outstanding web design firm, B2E Media, the site has been redesigned to create a truly engaging interactive experience.

The website features links to our Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Twitter feeds. Plus, now you can become part of our web community by sharing your personal connection to California. Exciting new content, such as videos, news features, interviews, blogs, photos, will also be posted regularly.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be adding new features, such as a dynamic and interactive timeline and map interface to provide unparalleled access to the project’s innovative educational media and content.

Start exploring our new homepage here.

Visit often for regular updates and be sure to ‘Like’ us while you’re here!

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