Watch the Becoming California Trailer!

Premieres this September on PBS

Premieres this September 10, 2014 on KQED in San Francisco and nationally on September 24.

Becoming California tells the epic story of environmental change on America’s western edge. Narrated by award-winning actress Jane Fonda and with an original score by legendary musician Pat Metheny, Becoming California is a stunning tribute to California’s diverse and breathtakingly beautiful environments – and the power of change.

“Fundamentally and profoundly, we’ve changed the world. We’ve actually re-engineered the earth’s ecosystems,” says Michael Rozensweig, Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona. “The question is not whether we should do that, because we are doing it. The question is whether we can do it better. The question is whether we can produce some of these new environments, some of these new ecosystems that not only are good for us, but are also good for the world of nature, and I say we can.”

Join us this fall on PBS for a new kind of environmental documentary.

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