Becoming California

A Documentary About Environmental Change


Narrated by Jane Fonda and with original music by Pat Metheny, Becoming California is an Emmy-Award winning public television documentary about environmental change on America’s western edge.

Broadcasting nationally on PBS!

From the fog shrouded redwoods of the northern coast to the sun drenched deserts of the south, Becoming California is the story of natural change across deep time – how colliding land forms interact with the ocean and atmosphere to create one of the most beautiful, diverse and biologically rich places on earth.  It is also the modern, cautionary tale of human transformation, in which California’s natural wealth is mined with textbook abandon.  But these stories of change – ancient and modern, natural and human – are merely the preface to an even greater story: the California of tomorrow.

Using California as its inspiration, the film resonates on a national and international level as it tackles one of the most important questions of our time:

Can nature and civilization coexist? 

Becoming California examines this question by exploring California’s tremendously diverse, beautiful and yet astonishingly transformed environments, as well as through compelling interviews with top scientists, educators and business leaders, as well as stories of how Californians today are discovering ways to forge new partnerships with nature.

Becoming California takes a fresh approach to our modern environmental dilemma; it shows how the needs of nature can be reconciled with the demands of civilization… sustainable environmental change not just for nature, but for people too.

Award winning Producer/Director Kit Tyler brings these stories to life through stunning cinematography, astonishing aerials from across the state, over 40 interviews with top scientists, educators and business leaders, and through personal and inspiring stories of how everyday Californians are creating a new and hopeful story – one in which we reconcile the needs of nature with the demands of civilization.



Narrator – Jane Fonda

Music Composer – Pat Metheny

Producer/Director – Kit Tyler

Executive Producers – Jim BaxterJeffrey White

Writers – Kit Tyler, Richard York

Animator – Richard Tsai

Graphic Designer – Lynne York

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