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  1. What an extraordinary documentary about California’s history! I thoroughly enjoyed it , and I will be buying the DVD.
    It is inevitable, of course, there are innumerable critics pointing out the omissions of their “pet” part of the story: I hope others can accept the story “as is.”

  2. Becoming California is a really beautifully photographed project that covers most of the major environmental issues Californians are facing. Left out are desalination projects and water shortage, nuclear power, and the mixed story of the military’s environmental record — e.g., Ft. Hunter Ligget preserving old California environment, Ft. Ord leaving a legacy of munitions pollution.
    Was the story of Mullholand and the Owens Valley water wars covered? I missed it.
    This documentary covers a lot of the same ground I’m addressing in my photography and I’ll use this as a resource for contacting critical specialists.
    Thanks for a great documentary!
    Craig Cheatham

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