Stable Giants Thrive On Shaky Ground

Coast Redwoods State and National Parks

The story of coast redwoods is about these magnificent trees and our changing relationship to them.

It’s a story of the contrasting and contradictory factors that make redwoods so unusual and the forest so remarkable.  Narrated by Jane Fonda and with original music by renowned musician Pat Metheny, the Legacy Project will use astonishing aerials and 3D animations to tell the story of the extraordinary and awe‐inspiring qualities of these trees, their thoughtless exploitation and out of this the birth of the conservation movement. Despite what appears to us as a stable and stately forest, the earth beneath redwood forests is some of the most geologically unstable ground in North America.  How these majestic trees thrive on such shaky ground is part of the story of their enduring nature.

To nearly all who enter the forest, these trees inspire awe, majesty, spirituality.  In fact, it was this deep and spiritual connection to the trees coupled with their wanton exploitation that gave rise to the modern conservation movement.

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