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Earth Day 2012: The Electric Car is Here!

On April 22, 2012, the b2emedia team spent the afternoon at Earth Day, Sacramento at Southside Park.

This year’s slogan: “ We want you to be the solution. Cultivate a sustainable future”!, was celebrated  by over 6,000 people under a bright blue sky. Along with great entertainment, actives and delicious food, there were many diverse businesses represented: non-profit, cultural and government agencies, health and environmental organizations. Living sustainably is not only possible, it is critical and practical and lovely and healthy and yummy too!

We spoke to many friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable people, but hands down the most excited and passionate were the Electric Car Owners and Vendors. The Electric Car is here NOW! And why shouldn’t they be excited: these folks are the new pioneers, investing in the future NOW! Take a peek at what they had to say:

“Here Now, Peppy, Affordable, Handles Well, Fun to Drive, Fully Loaded (stereo, heated seats, heated steering wheel), Get One Now”! They did.

And we (YOU) can too! After speaking with owners of the Coda, the Tesla and the eclectic motorcycle, the Brammo, we realized that there are no reasons NOT to own and drive an Electric Vehicle! Is the Electric Car for you?  Take this quick survey and you will see the answer is YES!

We have all heard the term “Electric Car”, but how many of us know that the first electric car was created back in 1899, by Baker Electric? The history of the electric car is fascinating (ok, and the “killing” of the electric car was terribly disturbing”). But through it all the Electric Car has survived and why? Because it is the RIGHT answer to our transportation/energy problems.  Check out this Gas vs. Electric calculator and you  will see for  yourself.

Concerned about convenience? Plug in to any wall outlet and better yet, install your own home charging station. Worried about cost? With Federal Tax Savings you can be in an Electric Car for as low as $599.00 per month to lease and $29, 750.00 to buy…figure in projected gas prices and additional incentives that may apply in your state and you can actually SAVE money (oh and the environment!) by driving an Electric Vehicle. Oh, but what about the cost of the electricity? Contact your utility company (SMUD in Sacramento) and be amazed at the incentives they offer for Electric Vehicle owners.What about comfort and style? Well, design your own car here and here.  Standard cars come in every color under the rainbow, well at least : silver, black, white, dark blue, dark gray and red! Check out the other features on the Coda, Tesla sites.

For you sports car enthusiasts, how about a Tesla roadster? One of our Electric Car buddies at Earth Day, brought his  Bright Red Tesla (well, it is actually his wife’s! A wedding anniversary present!) and he has a standard Electric Car for himself and one for his son in college! Radiant Red Electric Tesla Roadster, stunning, isn’t it? Or would you prefer your Tesla Roadster in Lightening Green, Glacier Blue, Sterling Silver or Jet Black. Have another color in mind? See them here.


Need more choices? You like doing all of the research before you take the plunge? Well, here you are, how about The Focus, The Leaf, The Smart Ed, Mitsubishi i and The Think City?

Want to get rid of the car all together? How about a motocycle? Brammo offers 3 styles, starting at $7,000.00 for the Enertia. Go Green with Brammo, 100% clean technology.

Want an Electric Car Grown entirely in California? Then the Coda is your vehicle of choice. And that is just what our team decided to set our sites on. After all, this post is for The California Environmental Legacy Project.

If  “Sustainability is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” -(Sacramento Earth Day Homepage), then the time to meet that criteria of sustainability is NOW. With gas powered cars numbering 244.2 million in America and 33.2 million in California (the most of any state), and with gas powered cars causing causing the devastating impact that they do, WE can do the most for the future by going electric NOW.

Thank you again Earth Day – 2012, Sacramento, all all of the participants and especially to all of the Electric Car owners and vendors that shared their stories with us.



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