Laguna Beach Park

by Josh Neill

As I look at the life of the plants sitting on the edge of a drastic drop, at first I feel there is nothing else, as if everything is back. The elegant colors of the plant stand out with the dark gloomy rocks in the back ground, like no life exists past the drop. It is such an inspirational view in my eyes and heart. Most people would stop at the edge, just like the illuminating plants at the edge of the cliff. It is like any life challenge or stopping point for humans. To stop at the edge and turn around and go back, not pushing their selves beyond. When you look beyond the plants and white sand beach, most people see nothing, nothing but distance of water. To me I see something to strive for. That distance of the water, is hard work and dedication to see what is at the other end of putting time in to something you really desire.

Sometimes in life you hit that point of so much time and hard work in to something, which you feel like you will never get to see the reward. You have to be willing to give up things to reach that reward. Sometimes you have to be willing to give sleep, because if you sleep you might miss the opportunity reach that goal. That long distance of water is a symbolic of view of how hard something can be in life, and people will stop at the edge before stepping out to see what is on the other side. But the life of those plants on the edge shows, there can be a reward on the other side. You have to be willing to give up little things in life to try and reach the reward on the other side.

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