A Family Tradition Of Sustainable Wine-Making

Behind the scenes at the LangeTwins Winery

Join Legacy Project producer Kit Tyler behind the scenes at the LangeTwins Winery and Vinyards.

Kit Tyler and his crew film the LangeTwins Winery and Vineyard for “Becoming California“, the Project’s two-hour public television documentary.

In this clip, the film crew follows Aaron Lange (son of one of the original Lange twins), as he shows them around the winery and explains his family’s dedication to sustainable wine-making.

For nearly three decades, the Lange family has practiced the art of sustainable wine-growing. Unlike other farming practices, sustainable wine-growing is all encompassing in its approach. LangeTwin Winery is not only concerned with the health of its vineyards but also its surrounding natural environment. It is the balance of environmental health, economic profitability and social equity that is the driving force behind their farming practice. From vineyard management to marketing, they are committed to improving our environmental practices.

The camera crew saw first hand the practices of sustainable wine-making. The LangeTwins started out committing to a healthy environment by returning pieces of their family estate to their native state. They uprooted a Tokay vineyard that their grandfather planted and removed invasive plant species from creeks and sloughs. In place of the old vineyard and invasive plants, they introduced native oaks, wild roses, buckeyes, willows, box elders and elderberry bushes.

According to Aaron, “Taking advantage of the sunny San Joaquin Valley, they have installed photovoltaic solar systems at our viticulture headquarters, several agricultural water pumps and at the winery.”

Much of their marketing is web-based, but there continues to be a need for printed materials, from brochures to tasting notes. To address this they use the highest post-consumer recycled content whenever possible, providing that the quality of the project is not compromised.

Wine grapes use less water than most crops; nonetheless, they constantly monitor soil moisture with a Neutron Probe, and regulate water usage through Low Volume Drip Irrigation. These two techniques allow them to manage when and where to irrigate, and help maintain their most precious resource.

When they have to spray, they utilize custom-built electrostatic sprayers that cover four rows at once. This ensures that every ounce of substance they spray is applied to the vines, which decreases the number of passes in vineyard rows – keeping both human and environmental impact to a minimum.

Because of these practices, LangeTwins Winery is “Certified Green-Sustainable Winegrowing” by Lodi Rules.

The film crew had an extraordinary day.  They not only captured some breathtaking scenery, informative interviews, and stunning wildlife (yes, the owl box was a highlight), but they also were presented with a few bottles of LangeTwins wine!

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