Discovering The Origins Of Life And Land

Lassen Volcanic National Park

At its heart, the story of Lassen Volcanic National Park is a geologic story.

It’s also a story of the paradox between the breathtaking power of a volcano to destroy and its equally remarkable power to create.  Narrated by Jane Fonda and with original music by renowned musician Pat Metheny, the Legacy Project will use astonishing aerials and 3D animations to tell the story of Lassen Volcanic National Park as an ever changing and extreme landscape of birth and death – featuring tectonic collisions, mountain building, superheated hydrothermal environments, fire and ice, as well as earth’s ancient and most unusual life forms.

As the only place on earth where every type of volcano is found, Lassen was the last volcano to blow in the continental U.S. before Mt. St. Helens.  Here we not only find the newest rock in California, but also a unique set of geothermal conditions where scientists study microorganisms that are harbingers of the earliest forms of life on earth.

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