An Urban Oasis And The Power Of Oil

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook/Los Angeles Basin

Baldwin Hills serves as the vantage point for our story about the tremendous power of people to transform nature but also to re‐connect with it.

Narrated by Jane Fonda and with original music by renowned musician Pat Metheny, the film uses aerials and 3D animations to tell the story of how the Los Angeles Basin was formed and the pivotal role that oil played in its transformation into one of the most developed and re‐engineered urban environments in the world.

Paradoxically, although the discovery and exploitation of oil led to the wholesale transformation of California’s economy and environment, the very nature of oil’s transformative power also prompted a new generation of Californians to transform their own thinking and actions to preserve the natural environment.  Through the hard work of committed citizens, Baldwin Hills is now a restored natural area and new state park that has become a place of refuge for city dwellers seeking meaningful ways to connect with nature.

At once a story of human discovery, ingenuity, exploitation, transformation and reconciliation, Baldwin Hills is a symbol of how city dwellers can reconnect with nature in their own urban backyard.

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