Powerful programs to educate and entertain

The California Environmental Legacy Project is a new kind of educational media project. Through an integrated set of programs and media resources, it builds public understanding about the deep and inextricable connections we have with the natural world, shaping the very attitudes, behaviors and public policies that will guide our nation toward a sustainable future.

Watch as Jim Baxter, an executive producer of the California Environmental Legacy Project, takes you on a tour of California in a helicopter, from the skyline of San Francisco to the San Andreas fault, and shares the moment that sparked the project.

We will take audiences on an unforgettable journey of discovery and inquiry into California’s past, present and possible future environments using five interwoven media programs:

  • Becoming California,” is a two-hour public television documentary that takes a fresh look at our past, present and future relationship with California’s natural environment.  Not the tired old tale of people versus nature.  But a new story.  A story about how nature and civilization need not be adversaries but partners — together creating healthy, sustainable environments amidst vibrant economies.  Produced for a national public television audience, the target for broadcast is fall 2014.
  • The Changing Places Initiative is a package of films and video podcasts created for selected state and national parks in California.  The films tell remarkable stories of environmental change in some of California’s most extraordinary places.  Produced as standalone and companion programs to the public television documentary, the films are planned for release in park visitor centers beginning in spring 2014.
  • The Educational Website was created as a tool to increase public understanding of environmental change and foster meaningful connections with California’s natural environment.  Through unparalleled access to high definition video, animations, images, maps and social networking capabilities, the website will provide opportunities for personal engagement in the life of California’s changing natural systems.
  • A K-12 Education Program is currently being developed to provide professional development and new digital media resources for learning.  With the goal of improving teacher knowledge and capacity to deliver effective learning opportunities to students, the K-12 Education Program will change the way teachers use media in the classroom.
  • Audience Research is a key element of the project that guides development of Legacy Project media and provides feedback on its overall effectiveness.

Our team of distinguished scientists, leading educators and award-winning media professionals are working together to create high quality media about our natural environment that educates, entertains and inspires. Combining rich visual imagery, digital distribution and artful storytelling, our production team will create programs that awaken public understanding of the intimate connections we have to the natural world and motivate us to act sustainably for a sustainable future.