Legacy Project Featured in Pulse of the Planet Radio Program

In June, I traveled to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park with Legacy Project producer Kit Tyler, former park superintendent Mark Jorgensen, California Department of Fish and Game biologist Janene Colby and Pulse of the Planet radio host Jim Metzner in an effort to track and record Big Horn sheep.

At this time of year, desert conditions were daunting – 106 degrees! But despite the heat, getting this close to a Big Horn was the experience of a lifetime. Unlike us, they can go for days without water, and scale vertical cliffs effortlessly.

With support of the California Environmental Legacy Project at Sacramento State University, a suite of Big Horn programs will air on the Pulse of the Planet radio series in August and September.  To listen to these radio broadcasts, tune in to your local NPR station or click here to link to the Pulse of the Planet website.

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