Can nature and civilization coexist?

An Interview Short with Michael Rosenzweig, Healy Hamilton and Jim Baxter

California Environmental Legacy Project Executive Producer Jim Baxter explores this question with Michael Rosenzweig and Healy Hamilton, two leading scientists and educators who are putting their ideas into practice.



Most of us don’t think about questions like this.  But we should.  For Dr. Michael Rosenzweig, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona, and Dr. Healy Hamilton, a senior research fellow at the Marine Conservation Institute, this question is foremost on their minds.

In this interview short, Drs. Rosenzweig and Hamilton, together with Dr. Jim Baxter of the Legacy Project, express their perspectives on the diversity of life and its future on this planet.  The answers they give reveal a surprising truth: nature and civilization need not be enemies, but essential partners for a sustainable future!


Video Production: Kit Tyler, Cameron Farboud
Video Editing: Cameron Farboud
Aerial Photography: Ron Chapple
Music: Ludovico Einaudi

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