Sponsorship Opportunties



By supporting the Legacy Project, your company or organization can have a genuine impact on environmental awareness and help create a new culture of stewardship in America while showcasing your commitment to addressing some of the world’s toughest challenges.

How can your marketing objectives be reached through a sponsorship?

Marketing Benefits

We will reach a broad and diverse demographic.  Your company or organization will be aligned with residents and consumers across the state who care about the environment. You can increase and deepen your marketing and media reach to a statewide audience as well as in selected areas of California.

We are non-partisan and endorsed by the National Science Foundation.  Legacy Project programs have been created, evaluated and produced by a distinguished team of scientists, educators and media professionals.  The stories are inspirational rather than chastising or “gloom and doom.”  Your sponsorship will align you positively with audiences seeking balanced and informative educational programs that Californians care about deeply.

We can tailor your message and reach.  No other independent educational media initiative has the package of media, experience and capacity to deliver such high quality educational programming to so many.  Your sponsorship package can be specifically tailored to your marketing needs.

The Legacy Project offers a range of sponsorship and marketing opportunities from which to choose and will customize a sponsorship package that fits the needs of your company or organization to reach your target markets.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact Jim Baxter, Project Director, at jbaxter@calegacy.org.