The Documentary

Becoming California


A powerful tale of interconnection

On Location with The Legacy ProjectBecoming California is a two-hour public television documentary that will explore our past, present and future relationship with California’s natural environment. Narrated by award winning actress Jane Fonda and with an original score by legendary musician Pat Metheny, we present a monumental tale of colliding tectonic plates, the community of life, human exploitation, coexistence and more. Astonishing videography and photorealistic 3D animations will make this program one of the most compelling of its kind. The documentary is targeted for statewide broadcast in fall 2014.

In Three Parts
Assembling California —The Power of Time and Space
California’s natural world is a place of astounding complexity, diversity, abundance and interconnection. Assembling California will tell the unfinished story of the physical and biological assembly of California, from its earliest origins to the communities we live in today.

Reinventing California — The Power of Many
We trace the patterns of natural resource exploitation– how culture, population growth and the marvels of technology have accelerated environmental change beyond our intent. Reinventing California will explore the fragmentation of the natural world and our tendency to reduce the natural world to a matrix of disconnected parts.

Reconciling California — The Power of One
Reconciling California challenges the tired old tale of people versus nature and explores a new and hopeful story.  A story about how nature and civilization need not be adversaries but can be partners — together creating healthy, sustainable environments amidst vibrant economies.  It envisions a new force of environmental change – one of reunification, partnership and coexistence.


Narrator – Jane Fonda

Music Composer – Pat Metheny

Producer/Director – Kit Tyler

Executive Producers – Jim Baxter, Jeffrey White

Writers – Kit Tyler, Richard York

Animator – Richard Tsai

Graphic Designer – Lynne York