Video: Arcata Community Forest Natural Sanctuary Within City Limits

by Dylan Vanella

  • Arcata Community Forest Natural Sanctuary Within City Limits

My name is Dylan Vanella.  I am 18 years old and have always had a strong interest in film.  Growing up in Humboldt County, I have always felt connected with the natural world due to the local abundance and accessibility of open spaces, forests, rivers and beaches.

Throughout the past year I have been lucky enough to discover the California Environmental Legacy Project, which provides film documentation of California’s diverse natural environments.   I first heard about the California Environmental Legacy Project when I met David Scheerer at the 44th annual Humboldt Film Festival in 2011.

David informed me about the project and asked me if I would be interested in shooting and editing a short podcast on the local Redwood forest, here in Arcata.  At the time, I had no idea how extensive the California Environmental Legacy Project actually was.  It was not until I visited the website that I realized how vast and multifaceted the project is and how many mediums it utilizes, including television, the internet and educational programs.  Upon discovering the site, I also found that the project is very accessible to those who seek involvement.

I believe this is a good approach to taking on such an ambitious project.  The video I made was shot in the Arcata Community Forest.  I used Final Cut Express 4 to edit and record an amateur voice over.  The music was composed by Gabriel Lubowe.  At the time, I did not know that anyone aside from David Scheerer would be seeing the video.  Since completing the podcast video, I have become more involved with the project than I had anticipated.  I encourage others who are interested, especially those my age, to pursue involvement as well.

Dylan Vanella is a high school senior in Arcata California. Music is by his friend Gabriel Lubowe

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