The Online Portal

Dynamic interactive website

In the Classroom - The Legacy ProjectCurrently in development, the Legacy Project’s Educational Portal will inspire online users to explore California’s rich environmental history and our relationship to its natural environment through a dynamic and interactive web interface. Currently in development, the site will provide an interactive timeline and map of California with unparalleled access to high quality videos, 3D animations, images, maps and other media resources that tell the story of the state from its origins to the present day and beyond.

Users will have searchable access to sequences and animations presented in the documentary program and Changing Places media as well as added features to those programs. A GPS enabled mobile “app” will spotlight media relevant to the geographic location of the user and extend access to Legacy Project resources while in the natural environment itself.

Class Rooms in the Open - The Legacy ProjectThrough the educator portal, teachers will be able to search and assemble educational media into customized learning packages for use in the classroom and aligned with California Science Content Standards.

Social and professional networking capabilities (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) will allow users to post, share and comment on their experiences or learning packages, tap into local environmental news and provide opportunities for engagement in local conservation and restoration activities.