Video: A Trip To The Basement of California

With respect to the age of the planet (4.5 billion years old), California is a relative newborn.  Join Kit Tyler and his film crew as they explore the geological beginnings of California, also known as the foundation or basement.

Ariel Strickland, is a geochronologist, her specialty is dating rocks. She and a team from Stanford University are completing a 30 year study, finding and mapping the basement (or foundation) of California. What they have discovered while exploring the one hundred and sixty four thousand square miles of land that California occupies, is that California is made up of, well, “younger stuff”. While we once viewed the earth as concrete and durable, we now know that it is fluid and ever-changing. Enjoy this video as it explores: Pangea (All Lands or One World) and the arrangement of the worlds land mass, two hundred and fifty million years ago. Then Pangea was one big super continent. Two hundred million years ago Pangea began to break apart and it was then that North America found its familiar shape and California began to form.

Video Production: Kit Tyler

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